Tuesday, March 27, 2007

my new "favorite 3 words"

although we all love to hear "i love you"...it just got bumped down a notch on my list.

for this past sunday, the label in my diary (calendar) said "British summertime begins" (that means daylight savings time to you and me, russ)

British Summertime Begins!

yesterday it was still light when i got home from work...even after stopping at the grocery store. those 3 words mean that i have survived another dark, miserable winter. 2 weeks ago we had a warm spell that had me trying on vests (tank tops) and flip flops (flip flops).

British Summertime Begins!

i am so desperate that i don't even mind losing that extra hour of sleep. of course, we did skip chruch, so that makes a difference!

British Summertime Begins!

i love that they call it summertime. that sounds so much more charming than "Daylight savings time". and since it is just "beginning" it means i have months of daylight stretching before me! i love the beginning of great things...friday afternoons, traveling on holiday (vacation), all the promise stretches before you. plenty of time, no need to rush, you still have the whole thing to look forward to.

British Summertime Begins!

it's enough to bring this sun-addicted american to tears....

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