Saturday, August 09, 2008

a life out of control...

i am back...due to popular demand (i.e. my mother in law and one random friend of tims)

my life is completely out of control. i have 258 emails in my inbox (in case you are wondering why i haven't replied to you... i can't even find your email!), i cannot seem to get enough sleep, and i just failed 2 assignments on my stupid management course. awesome. my great tan from france is quickly fading in the rain of london... as is the peace of mind i found. everything is scattered right now. but at least my mom is here to spoil us all, tell us how wonderful we are, and do the dishes! that is my saving grace right now.

i know, not very profound for my great return; but i've had so many gaps and returns... surely you've lowered your expectations by now.

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