Friday, October 24, 2008


okay, so i know i just posted. but i had to tell you guys this.

today we hosted our first muslim wedding reception in our church. it has been a funny experience. the whole fam came and set up, then all went to mosque for the family ceremony. evidently tomorrow is the big one, with all the friends and public. today is the small party and official ceremony for the family. so, i've decided its more like a rehearsal dinner.

so, they are all hanging out, playing with babies, whatever. then suddenly its 6:00. the father of the groom (and organiser) asks if we have a room for the women to pray in while the men pray in the back garden. i show him our small lounge, but he opts for the main hall. so all of a sudden this hush falls and women are scattered throughout the hall, amongst the tables and chairs, bowing down on some cloths serving as prayer mats.

then, in about 2 minutes its all over. everyone is back up, talking, eating, etc.

so, in the midst of this, the russian church showed up. we also have a russian pentecostal church that uses our hall. so right now they are upstairs with their russian matt redman, or whatever (actually, right now its "give thanks, with a grateful heart" in russian) whilst the muslim family is cleaning up the byriani in the kitchen. no, i don't know what it is, but it is some kind of meat and rice that was yummy.

or, as i like to call it, friday. my life is so random.

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I love this picture!! God's house, available to those who need it!


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