Friday, October 24, 2008

the one you've been waiting for

today i got to share my faith.

i have this friend. we'll call her maggie. maggie was a police officer in our neighbourhood a few years back. however, our neighbourhood police team is often a stepping stone to something better. no condemnation. she should keep trying to make more of herself. anyway, she went away to training and has recently been assigned as a "normal" officer in wood green... just next door to our 'hood. Here's the thing about maggie. she has only lived here 5 years (the same as me) and did not speak a word of english when she arrived...and now her english is good enough to protect me from the baddies...unbelievable.

anyway, now that she is back around she called me up looking to improve her english. so we've started meeting up as her crazy schedule allows. her english is excellent, she just lacks some confidence. so, maggie and i were talking about confidence. we were talking about our shared tendency to resolve one fear/worry just to replace it with another. i told her that my faith helped me deal with that some. she just sat there, no response, so i continued. i told her that when i worried about things i couldn't control that i reminded myself that god loves me...that he wants good things for me...and that i should trust him with the things i cannot control. maggie said that that was something she would have to think about.

all in all, its been an amazing week, but i this is the spiritual biggie.

...and after only 5 years

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Blogger Dusti Austin said ... (8:10 PM) : 

I want to comment, but I don't know what I want to say...

I love that this moment happened in everyday life...not that the 100's of hours we'll put into some ministry this week aren't important, but that this moment happened when you were available to 'chat'...

God is working around us...are we looking to be a part of it?


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